I have been offered a job in Australia, what visa do I need?

Have you recently been offered a job in Australia but don’t know what type of Australian visa you need to work in Australia? This article is for you.

According to research, most Australian employers prefer hiring job seekers who are already living in Australia while a few others casts their nets abroad seeking for skilled workers of foreign nationals.

As a result of this, it’s no news that getting a job in Australia from Africa, Asia and some other parts of the world can be a difficult but not impossible task.

For some of those who have been offered jobs in Australia, the next question is often, “what type of visa do I need?”.

Before answering the above question, let’s take a look at the types of Australian Work Visas/Permits.

Types of Australian Work Visas/Permits
It is worth noting that the government of Australia offers many types of work visas such as Business Owner, Distinguished Talent, etc. However, we’ll focus on the Australian work visas related to this post.

1). Holiday Work Visa
The name of this visa makes it self explanatory. The Holiday Work Visa is issued by the Australian government to foreigners who wish to work in Australia on a short-term basis while vacationing in Australia. This visa is issued to individuals between ages 18 to 30 and expires after 12 months.

2). Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa
This type of visa is issued to those that have been offered jobs in Australia. Please note that the Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa is a permanent visa so the job offer must come from a recognized, registered/licensed Australian employer.

So, if you have been offered a job in Australia, the Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa is what you need. However, you should talk to your employer regarding his role in the visa application process as the Australian government may demand some documents from them.

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